University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde

University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde

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The University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde is the initiator of the Baltic Sea Network. With about 1,500 students and 50 academic staff it is the State of Brandenburg’s smallest university of applied sciences. By now, 14 programmes have been developed which have shaped the university’s profile as a place of genuine commitment to the concept of sustainable management. It is Germany’s only university which brings together different disciplines that relate to the rural area, i.e. forestry, landscape management and nature conservation, organic agriculture, wood science and technology, regional management and tourism. These attractive, partly unique programmes lure students from all over Germany and abroad to Eberswalde.

The Faculty of Wood Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde has existed since the founding of the University. The Bachelor Degree of Wood Technology is the core academic program and has a broad professional orientation. The program is complemented by a research-oriented Master Degree of Wood Technology, which was recently established. At the Faculty of Wood Technology the entire value chain of economic exploitation for timber is presented. This includes the handling and processing of timber, as well as wood material manufacturing and coating techniques. Research activities have been consistently expanding, the conditions of third-party funding and the associated equipment and infrastructure have been improved year after year.

The Professorship of  “Chemistry and Physics of Wood”, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Pfriem, has extensive experience in the field of wood chemistry and physics, as well the field of wood modification and the development of technologically oriented wood processing technologies.
The framework of various research projects and Bachelor/Master theses are used to carry out, inter alia, scientific investigations of chemical and thermal modification of wood as well as material development. Here “Chemistry and Physics of Wood” cooperates with small and medium sized companies (SME) within the framework of basic research and networking projects with German and foreign research institutions.
Due to an increasing number of projects financed through third-party-funds, the number of scientific staff steadily increased. Currently, the working group is composed of 4 research assistants.


University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde
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