Join our round robin DMA- test program

Join our round robin DMA- test program

HNEE's GABO Eplexor 25
HNEE’s GABO Eplexor 25

We would like to initiate a Round Robin Test with DMA and wood.

Background: as there are no standardized test methods for DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) testing of wood we developed a method for tensile tests. Results were presented at the WSE 2016 in Riga.

Beginning from the manufacturing up to the clamping of the specimens in the DMA machine there is a huge variety of possibilities to prepare the samples. There is also a range of parameters like the preload and the frequency that can be altered.

In order to elaborate comparable specimen preparation and testing methods we would like to initiate a round robin test for wood specimen on DMA machines.

In this test different laboratories equipped with different DMA machines should carry out the same test on wood specimen. Aim of the test is to develop reliable DMA test setups for wood producing comparable results. Join our round robin test program:

Please contact Robin if you would like to take part in the program.

We appreciate if we could work together.