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Laboratory Equipment Directory on Wood Modification Net

With the aim of simplifying and promoting access to the existing laboratory equipment of the partners within the network, this website and database for the equipment of the respective partners was created. The database allows you to search for relevant information about the respective equipment and locations. This opportunity exists not only for the existing partners of the DANUBE network, but also for potential new prospects. Access to this infrastructure and the resulting shared use will enhance research cooperation in the Danube Region. It is expected that in the future, a community enriched with new partners will result in intensified cooperation as well as the development and processing of new research topics.

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Austria: Linz, Tulln; Bosnia and Herzegovina: Banja Luka; Czech Republic: Brno; Germany: Eberswalde; Hungary: Sopron; Romania: Brasov; Serbia: Belgrade; Slovakia: Zvolen; Slovenia: Ljubljana, Koper

How to use the Library

If you’re looking for - let's say - a microscope in Eberswalde, you can look for it at the Eberswalde site of the equipment data base,
e.g. - that will work with any other city as well.
Once you’re on the site, just use Ctrl + F or on Mac Cmd +F and type in the device you’re looking for.
These sites also list all the equipment of the respective location.

You can also look for keywords. Just visit and type for example the words "atomic force microscope" in order to find the necessary equipment. This site is also a good starting point to get an overview of the equipment of all universities.

Once you have found your equipment, just click on the element to get a more detailed description, to show the responsible person or to get further information on the site where it's located.


This website is a part of the project "Danube Network Wood Research Centres", funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via International Bureau, in the funding program "Ideas competition to establish and expand innovative R&D networks with partners in Danube riparian states 2015" (funding registration number 01DS17011).

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